Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Cancer Chics!

If this would have never happened to me then I would not have been blessed enough to have met these 2 awesome friends of mine.

Ashleigh is just Awesome!! She is Richard's old roomates sister. 24 years old and diagnosed last year. I finally met her a few weeks ago when she visited Atlanta to see her brother. She lives in Seattle. Such a neat girl. She started her own coffee shop business when she was 21. So full of life and so positive! I wish she lived in Atl!! Please check out her website at

I met Rachel on the Hodgkin's facebook page. She wrote something about being a health nut so I felt like I should contact her. She is Awesome! She is 28 years, same college degree as I have, she is and I was a personal trainer. She was diagnosed exactly 1 month after me. We have treatment on the same days. So much in common. She has been a great sound board when you need to talk with someone who has been there. I haven't met her yet in person. I can't wait! She lives in Washington, DC. Please check out her website at:

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