Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hair Loss Hot Flashes Oh My!!

Chemotherapy has not been that bad but the Lupron shot has been the devil. For those of you who don't know what Lupron is; it is hell on wheels. They wanted me to take this drug to try an prevent as much damage as they could in my ovaries. "Save the Babies." I am not worried about not being able to have children but this is just another preventative measure that comes with a couple of side effects... Poor Richard!

First of all, the hot flashes. OMG! I can be driving down the road and all the sudden sweat start pouring down my back. Not to mention the constant throwing off the covers one minute and freezing the next. I am in full blown menopause. I take back all those things I said about how hot flashes where a crock.. never mind. just kidding. They are for real.

Mmmmooooddd swings. I try to limit to one per week. That way Richard wont think I am psycho and leave me... just kidding y'all... He loves me and gosh I am SO lucky to have him..

Hair Loss.....hmm this just plain sucks!

I have always had a lions mane; now I look like I have a birds nest on my head. I chopped it off so it would be a bit less traumatic. I am desperately staking my claim in every bit that's left. I will not shave it. I can't let go of it. So I was supposed to be bald by my second treatment. Lets just hope it makes it through 5 more. Although I have met some stunning people with bald heads. Eyelashes, eyebrows are still intact . The hair is falling out exactly like my plan; legs and underarms. This is a great alternative to waxing.

In my opinion these are the worst things that happen.....

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