Thursday, May 21, 2009

Excuse me one minute while I beat the shit out of cancer....

So what do I do now? I have the best doctors around. I am ready to fight this little battle and marry the man of my dreams. It doesn't sound too hard does it?
The Plan:
6 Cycles of ABVD- 12 treatments 15 days apart. NO RADIATION!!))

ABVD is now one of the most common chemotherapy regimens for treating Hodgkin's Disease.Regimen Drugs:The following are the drugs used in the regimen. Select a drug to see pertinent information:
Adriamycin (generic name Doxorubicin) • Bleomycin (common brand name: blenoxane)• Vinblastine (common brand names: velban, velsar, velbe) • Dacarbazine (common brand name: DTIC, DTIC-Dome)


• These drugs can cause nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. There are medications your doctor can prescribe such as Zofran or Kytril that may lessen chemotherapy induced nausea.• Fatigue is common during chemotherapy treatment. Proper rest and pacing oneself may be helpful. • Treatments can be delayed if the patient has a low white blood cell count (neutropenia). Blood counts can be raised by drugs such as Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor (G-CSF, brand name Neupogen ®) - a drug used to stimulate the production of granulocytes in the bone marrow. • The drugs will make your hair tend to fall out (alopecia) - you might consider headcoverings.

Sounds a little scary, but this is the least invasive chemotherapy out there. I don't mean its easy but compared to others I will take it. I just finished round #7 with 5 to go. It has been relatively easy for me. I take a nap during the day for a few days after treatment. Fatigue has really been the only side effect. I have not been sick at all. I consider myself extremely lucky! My fiance Richard kicks my butt up and down the trail about every day for 5 miles. I think this helps tremendously but its not the most fun thing when you feel like you have been hit by a Mack truck. Exercise and diet have made me feel good while going through this. I have turned into a organic hippie. Although I have lost quite a bit of weight (Richard too) I feel its the diet not the chemotherapy.( If you want a copy of my nutritionist notes please email me your email address.)

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  1. my email address is - could i have a copy of those notes?? sound good! i haven't lost any weight but feel a diet might be a good idea (for summer bikini wearing). xxx