Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Tests are In!

It's been a while since my latest post. What a whirlwind these last two weeks have been. I finally got the GREAT news that I am in 100% REMISSION!! Praise God! I didn't want to post the results on here until I got the confirmation and actually read the Pet and CT Scan results from my doctor. My Physician Assistant, Amy told me two weeks ago!After reading the scan results its confirmed there are no active cancer cells!! I have 2 more treatments to go and will be fininshed in 24 days! Its like a HUGE Christmas present! After the last treatment I will be able to have my Infusion Port removed. A quick 30 minute surgery. Follow up will be 3 month visits and scans every 6 months for 3 years.

This has been quite the year for me, my fiance, Richard, my Family and my Friends. Looking back to the day when I was diagnosed I thought my life was over. I can't explain how it feels to hear that you are a cancer patient. I hope and pray that none of you ever have to hear those words. I can explain how it feels to be a cancer Survivor! Cancer has been the hardest obstacle that I have ever had to deal with. I am thankful I am healthy enough to push through treatment without problems. For a long time I felt that I would never be "normal" again. I don't want to be normal again. I will always have this in my past. This has made me stronger Spiritually. There is power behind prayer trust me! I have a lots of people in my corner. I never thought that I could become closer with my family but I have. I have gotten to know them on a deeper level. We have real meaningful talks, walks, and I have learned more about each of them during this journey. Cancer has taught me about the most valuable part of life, Relationships. Surviving it has taught me to cherish every moment of this sweet life we have.

I have been so fortunate to meet some amazing young fighters and survivors. Ashleigh, Rachel, Tara, Michelle. Thank you for all of your support. It has been amazing to have you as my "Crazy Sexy Cancer" fighter friends! Girls, you are in my heart always!!

For all of you reading this I hope that you live in every moment. Don't get in a routine. Talk to people. Enjoy your life and do what you want to do with it. Its yours, live it up!

Although this is not over yet. I feel like I'm over it. I am ready to move on. I am ready to marry the man of my dreams in front of my family and friends. I am ready for new life experiences ( Rachel's trapeze class this month! Can't wait!!) Most importantly, I am ready for this crazy cancer surviving life ahead of me.


  1. your attitude is so awesome...and it's amazing that cancer can make better people out of us!! now it's our job to keep that attitude and share it with others. so glad that we found each other and are there to support and encourage each other. we have full lives ahead of us and we are gonna be better people because of it!! trapeze school, here we come!

  2. That is such great news Miranda! I have thought about you alot here lately! I am so proud that the worst part is behind you and now you can enjoy the wedding festivities!!! Enjoy every moment of it! You deserve it!

  3. yay!!!!!!!! :D congrats!! xxx